Have You Ever Wondered What The Difference Is Between Premium vs. Table Wine?

What Makes A Bottle Of Wine Worth More Than $100?

These and many more questions about the value of wine can be answered quite simply by saying, “There are only two kinds of wine. 1) Wine you like, and 2) Wine you don’t like. And if you like it, it’s worth whatever you are willing to pay for it!”

Because of a single experience in 1987 (see the link History of Mordazini above), I have been passionate about finding wines that are of the highest quality for my pallet at the lowest price. I have become passionate about sharing that knowledge and understanding with everyone I meet who wants to learn about wine.

I am not a certified Sommelier. I have thought about getting my certification, but feel it would not add anything to my passion about wines – although it could add to my vocabulary on the subject of wine so that I may speak with other wine aficionados about wine on a more sophisticated level. It would not, however, change how I communicate my knowledge to the masses who have had limited wine experiences that compel them into exploring more about wine. After all, no one likes to feel he or she is an idiot about anything – especially wine.

I have been making my own wines since 2003 and have been mentored by great wine makers like Robert Mondavi, Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, Michael Richmond, Philip Titus, and many others whose names are not as famous. The knowledge they have imparted to me and my wine-making have helped my wines reach 80-95 points (Bronze to Gold Medal).

More than my personal passion about wine, I am passionate about providing experiences with consumers about wine so that they too become raving fans – and can enjoy the beauty of wine paired with foods that bring rich experiences to their lives and the lives of their friends and family too.

For me, it’s about helping everyone understand wines from the vineyard to the glass, and how to detect regional terroir and subtle nuances between the different varietals and styles of wine making that modify those flavors.

On your next trip to the Napa Valley, let me help you have a wine experience that will change your thinking about wines, and make the tour a rich experience you will never forget.

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